The First Step to Changing the World

Worship was powerful. You could feel the energy of the room. A hundred teens sat down in the rows of chairs in the chapel. They picked up their Bibles and notes and focus all their attention on the speaker. But the first thing he says is “How many of you can say you are consistent in reading your Bible every day?”

All of a sudden, about three quarters of the eyes in the chapel are trying their best to not make eye contact with the speaker.

This was at a Christian camp I attend every year. The theme of the week was how to become a world changer. When I heard him talk about being consistent in daily quiet time, my conscience was pricked. I immediately started thinking of exuces of why I wasn’t consistent in this very small thing. Of course I’m consistent! I mean, I read my Bible all the time. Like… ummm… last week… on Sunday during church… but… it doesn’t really matter right? It’s not like I never read it voluntarily, right? I mean, the last time I read it on my own was like last week. Or  week before that. I think.

Then the speaker started asking us why we assumed God would trust us to accomplish big things if we can’t even be trusted to do a tiny thing like reading our Bible for 5 min in the morning. If we can’t succeed in opening our Bibles every day, how are we going to succeed in changing the world? By opening our Bibles, we change our hearts. And changing our heart is our first step to changing our world.

Imagine that you just witnessed to someone, and they have just received Jesus as their Saviour. What are you going to tell them to do now? You tell them to go and study God’s word. We’re, in a sense, recommending a book to them. You never recommend a book to someone if you haven’t finished it, or aren’t even worried about finishing it, do you? You finish the book and then you can say “I read this book and it was great! You should read it.” How can you say, “I read this book because my parents told me I should but I frankly don’t have any interest in finishing it. You need to read it though!”

This reeks of hipocrisy. I’m not saying that if you are a new Christian and are steadily working your way through the Bible you can’t witness to someone. But when you are like so many teens these days where you don’t care about reading the Bible because you think it’s unimportant, insignificant, or doesn’t really matter, you’re never going to grow.

Pick up your Bible and read it. Study the scriptures and get to know God, through reading about Him and praying to Him. Fall in love with Jesus. This is the first step to becoming a world changer



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