The Danger of Being a People Pleaser Pt. 2

image“Dad, I want to be a missionary.”

When George told his dad he wanted to be a missionary, his dad didn’t respond well. In fact, he exploded into a rage saying that was absolutely not something George could do. But he did it anyways. If he hadn’t, we probably never would have heard of George Mueller.

People thought George was crazy all his life. First, they thought he was crazy for being a thief. Then, when Jesus turned his life around, they thought he was crazy for wanting to be a missionary. Not exactly a high paying job. Then they thought he was insane for taking care of hundreds of orphans when he had barely any money. Through the midst of criticism and rejection, he stopped worrying about what people thought of him and started worrying about what God thought of him.

If George Mueller had listens to his father, and worried about rejection from him and the countless others that labeled him as crazy and foolish, he wouldn’t have experienced God’s amazing plan for his life. When we trap ourselves by conforming to the image of what others expect of us, we miss out on the amazing things we could be doing for God. We will be labeled as foolish when we move to a third world country to minister to orphans. We will be an outcast when we don’t attend the party where we know things will be going on that are not Christ honoring. But it will all be worth it when you experience the awesome plan God has for your life. When we compromise our values to please a mere human being, we our wasting the precious gift of life God has given us. This is the danger of being a people pleaser, because you can’t please God and men. You have to pick whom you will spend your life serving. Would you rather get to heaven and feel satisfied knowing that you spent your life trying to please God, or with the knowledge that you spent your time trying to please people?</script


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